What is CDmax?

CDmax is an Audio CD player that runs on 32-bit Windows systems.  With CDmax, you can listen to your favorite music while you work (or play) on your computer.  It allows you to enter, edit, and display the Artist, Title, and Tracks of a CD.  Also, CDmax allows you to tap into a growing library of CD information on the Internet called the freedb, for this data.

How does it work?

Audio CDs only contain the music itself and some numerical data about the number of tracks and their lengths.  So information like Artist and Title have to be stored separately from the CD.  CDmax gives you a place to store, edit and retrieve this data as needed.

CDmax saves the information about your collection in a directory on your hard drive and retrieves it when you load a CD in the player.   CDmax stores Artist, CD title, Track titles and Notes about the CD and for each track.

Now you have a collection of CDs and you want the data to show up in your player, but you don't really like the idea of keying all that stuff in yourself.  I know I didn't.  The larger your collection, the larger the task.  CDmax can help.

Using your connection to the Internet, CDmax can retrieve the data about your CD and store it in the CDmax library.  You can do this yourself from the main panel with the press of one key or you can tell CDmax to retrieve the data automatically any time you put in a CD that has not previously been cataloged in the CDmax library.