Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

CDmax skips or doesn't play, why?
Check the property page of the CD drive in My Computer and insure that "Enable digital audio" is turned off.

Why doesn't the volume control work?
Set an appropriate mixer device in the Options dialog under the Drives tab.  Also, the volume control will not work if a driver for a volume mixer is not installed on your system.

How do I make CDmax my default player?  or a variation, How do I make another player my default player?
Use the Default Player dialog in the Edit menu.  It's very handy!

When I run CDmax I get "The dynamic link library rasman.dll could not be found in the specified path..." but other than that it seems to work just fine.  What's going on?

The basics are that  rasman.dll and rasapi32.dll work together and if one is present without the other, you get the problem.  If RAS is not actually not installed, renaming both of these files should fix the issue.

The Submit button is disabled, why?

  •  must have a disc in the CD drive
  • fill in Artist/Title and all tracks in Contents field
  • specify your email address on the freedb tab of the Options panel.

The Submit button will be enabled.

The Retrieve button is disabled, why?

  • must have a disc in the CD drive
  • specify your email address and a freedb server to use on the freedb tab of the Options panel. 

The Retrieve button will be enabled.